Cabcharge Account Management

Flight Disruptions Pty Ltd can provide your operation with cab charge e-tickets. We offer capped or uncapped amounts that enable your team to effectively manage any delay or disruption for passengers who are returning home or to a hotel where numbers do not require bus transport.
Our team will manage the account for you and audit every charge ensuring that fares a reasonable for the journey taken. Any fares that appear to be unreasonable are disputed with the successful disputes being credited back to the airline, saving your operation administration time and money.
All Cabcharge e-ticket stock is accompanied with passenger reconciliation sheets so your team can reconcile the stock used at post delay or cancellation.
Under the airline instruction we also manage misuse by cancelling distributed stock that has not been used on the delay or cancellation date. This is also applicable for the passengers return journey to the airport. Ask our team today how we can add value to your transport needs.
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