Delay & Disruption Handling

We are the leaders in delay and disruption handling. Our team have a combined experience of 60 years in aviation. Not only are you dealing with the best in the industry you are also talking to Australian based staff who understand your local operational requirements.
1. Call 1300 777 380 for Delays, Disruptions & Misconnections. Confirm your request in writing to [email protected] or via our request form on the next tab. (Advance notice STPC & Duty Travel bookings can be emailed to [email protected])

5. Return hotel to airport transport will be confirmed once the times have been communicated by the airline to Flight Disruptions Pty Ltd. Our team will communicate the next day passenger wake up and pick up time to the hotel once instructed by the airline of these arrangements.
2. Advise Passenger numbers, number of rooms required, amenity amounts by cabin class breakdown.

6. Subject to operational availability we can provide complimentary curbside and hotel assistance when there is a minimum of 100 passengers at the same hotel property (Sydney only).
3. Send through your rooming lists if available. Please scan and send this to us [email protected]

If we can assist with your invoicing requirements please contact a member of our team today [email protected]
4. Once the hotel property and/or transport has been confirmed a voucher will be emailed to you. This voucher supports our invoices which are payable within 14 days.