Crew Hotel & Transport Negotiation

Complimentary service for the airline. Let our team source and negotiate your crew hotel rates at no additional cost.

How does this work?

The crew hotel contract will remain between the airline and the hotel, no changes to your current process. Your invoicing will also remain the same between the airline and the crew hotel.

We are paid a commission from the hotel therefore we can reduce your operational costs in other areas, saving your operation money.

We also offer crew transport between airports and crew hotels. Bundle a package today.

See our multi-service discounts below.


Multi Service Discounts

Save with Flight Disruptions Pty Ltd when our team negotiate your crew hotel rates. The more cities we can negotiate for your operation, the more your company will save.


 Savings on every baggage delivery invoice.

Savings on Cabcharge Account Management.

Savings on Cashless Payment Card Solutions.


As a bulk buyer of rooms Flight Disruptions Pty Ltd has significant reduced rates at most hotels across Australia.

Contact us today for a quote and see why other airlines are offsetting their crew hotel expenses against other operational savings.

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